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Passport Renewal in India

Usually, new Passport can be issued only for ten years. Therefore, if your existing Passport is going to be expired then you should apply for a new one Passport. It is known fact that renewal of Passport in Indian is easy and fast. Hence, for applying for the renewal of expired Passport, you should fill an application form that is normally same as for fresh Passport or renewal and then submit to authorize local Passport office with certain needed documents.

Documents Required

If you want to renew your Passport then you need to submit stated below documents.

  • You need to have a new application form for the Passport
  • You have at least 2 photographs or passport-size
  • You need to submit old Passport. In case, you cannot submit it then provide valid reasons.
  • Legal address evidence
  • Photocopy of academic qualifications such as certificates or degree
  • Proof of your date of birth
  • In case of Tatkal , you have to manage Notary
  • You also need to provide an urgency letter especially for the Tatkal Passport.

Fee and Mode of Payment

  • 1500 – New or renewal of Passport (total 36 Pages) with 10 years of validity period
  • 2000 – New or renewal of Passport only 60 pages especially with 10 years validity period.
  • 3500 – New or Renewal of passport (total 36 pages) along with 10 years validity especially under the Scheme of Tatkal
  • 4000 – New or Renewal of passport (total 60 pages) along with 10 years of validity period under the Scheme of Tatkal

Charge or fee could be paid by multiple ways such as via DD in the favor of authorized regional Passport officer or it can be paid in cash at the counter of the office.

Delivery of Passport

It is a known fact that Passport is only delivered to the applicant or it is dispatched by government speed post to the provide address in the Passport application form.


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